Kauai, Hawaii 2011 – Day 2

Day 2, Sunday.  We managed to get a good night’s sleep, and feel adjusted to the time change.  Our “apartment” (timeshare) at the Kauai Marriott is great – should work out nicely for the week for the 2 of us. Our views from the room are amazing – we have 2 balconies, off of the living room as well as the bedroom. Started the day sitting out on the balcony enjoying the amazing view.  The air was quite cool as a “cold front” blew in last night. The air was sparkling clear, and started out so cool that we had to wait a while before heading out to the pool.

We were pretty darned lazy today! We spent most of the day out by the pool. We grabbed 2 chairs out on the grass overlooking the beach and the bay. Swam in the “largest pool in Hawaii”, walked along the water on the beach, watched people, took a nap, and watched chickens.  There are chickens everywhere on this island! We watched roosters, females, and babies – they are clustered into little families and go everywhere together. One of the larger female chicks apparently was snoozing when her entire family wandered off. She woke up, started looking around, and then started calling out – it was SO funny! Both her mom and dad started making noises back and we watched them all look for each other. Once they sighted each other, they all rushed back together and then wandered on their way. Absolutely too funny to watch… And the roosters crow all of the time, getting one another going – has absolutely nothing to do with the sunrise.  Obviously we had a pretty “tough” day when we can be so entertained by the chickens.

While sitting at the beach, we started talking to a couple sitting near us (actually Mike and the guy started talking), and we found out that they are here from Canada for a several week visit. We have learned that there are a lot of retired and older folks here at this time of year, enjoying long escapes from the cold northern climate on the mainland in North America. Having grown up in South Texas, I am accustomed to the “snow birds” coming to the Texas coast in the winter, but clearly these snow birds prefer flying to the Hawaiian islands, and do so for extended periods every year.  We hope we can do that when we retire!

We had lunch overlooking the beach at Duke’s Canoe Club – we are accustomed to having pigeons around when eating outside, but chickens on the floor looking for food under the tables is a new experience. I made some new “friends” amongst the restaurant guests as I followed chickens around trying to get pictures of the little chicks. Mike was very impressed by my ability to make friends so easily! 🙂

We had a lovely dinner at the Kalapaki Grill overlooking the pool, beach, and bay. It was cool enough that we even got too cool and were glad to get back to our room!!!  Saved some fish from our dinners for the cat – as we walked back to our room, there was the fluffy black cat from last night, as well as a little friend with white paws (this cat was more shy). They thoroughly enjoyed the snack we shared with them! We headed back to the room, had a cocktail out on the lanaii, and then watched a little TV before crashing for the night. What a GREAT day!

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