Kauaii, Hawaii 2011 – Day 8

Day 8, Saturday.  Saturday was our travel day back home. We dragged our feet in our hotel room – we kept thinking that someone would call and tell us we won the lottery and wouldn’t have to leave Kauai and go back to work.  Well, it was no real surprise when that DIDN’T happen – so we finally packed and loaded up the car. As we didn’t have to fly out until mid-afternoon, we decided to make good use of our last day on the island.  We did some more driving around enjoying scenery, and made our way up to Kapa’a where we found a wondful place overlooking the beach to have lunch.  We spent a couple of hours relaxing, enjoying the view and having a little vino and food. We had a great view of some whales frolicking in the ocean – could see them surging out of the ocean as well as spouts of water regularly shooting up. Unfortunately, they were pretty far offshore, and as we didn’t have any binoculars we couldn’t see much! Guess I will ask Mike for some binoculars for Chrismas this year (that will be probably the 10th time, as he keeps ignoring me!  🙂 )

After lunch, we headed to the airport.  As we have done in the past, we wondered why in the world we had planned to be here for only 1 week – it is just not long enough. Next time, 2 weeks for sure! We caught the flight to Honolulu, and after a short wait there, we loaded onto the mega-jet and settled into our comfy Business First seats (wow, I love Continental points!).  We spent the next 7-1/2 hours in those seats on the overnight direct flight from Honolulu to Houston. Unfortunately neither of us were able to sleep much – probably about 3 hours or so. We landed in Houston at 6:45 am, bleary-eyed and looking like we’d been run over by a train.  We also looked pretty ridiculous as it was REALLY cold outside, and we looked like we had been to a tropical place.  I changed into jeans at the airport, but nothing could hide the fact that I was in flip-flops and a short sleeved shirt, and was pretty close to visually shivering!  Thank goodness we had heated seats in the car, so we could warm up quickly.  What a way to close out such an incredibly fun trip! We headed home, unloaded the car, held and petted Kimba (he SO wanted attention), and fell into bed for a several hour nap!  Home again, home again! Can’t wait until the next vacation…

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