Panama 2010 – Day 12

Day 12, Wednesday.  The first thing that I did this morning was to step outside and check the weather. Couldn’t believe my eyes! Although it was misting early this morning, the wind was calm and the sun was coming out.  HURRAY! I immediately started thinking of all of the things I wanted to do today. Got cleaned up, headed to the main room of the inn and had breakfast, and let Mike sleep in. I figured he needed his energy and probably hadn’t slept too well since he is sick. Unfortunately, I was right about that! He definitely still does NOT feel good today. With the promising views of sunlight shining upon everything outside, he was persuaded to get dressed, have coffee and breakfast, and take me out for the day.

We drove back to see some properties that we had both liked (lots, not houses – not big enough for the “compound” either!), and enjoyed the dry weather and fairly decent views of the mountains. I got a few great pictures! Then we headed to the Pharmacia to get a refill of our over-the-counter meds for Mike. Fortunately, that process was simple.  I think that we are reading Spanish pretty well now! (NOT!)

Afterwards we decided to visit the public garden “Mi Jardin es Su Jardin”, which is free to everyone (it once was a private property – cannot imagine as it is HUGE). Of course, what happened when we went there?  It started raining again! Just a very light mist, but steady enough that I needed my umbrella the entire time and Mike wore a jacket and hat – fortunately we had no high winds. As we had heard, the gardens are indeed beautiful. Even in spite of the rain, the colors are so vibrant that my photos turned out quite nicely. Mike held up well, and trudged around the entire grounds with me.  We saw numerous koi ponds, all connected together – as my friends and family know, Mike loves koi, so we checked out the entire setup. On the other hand, I was trying to figure out how one would handle the billions of weeds growing beneath everything (as you all can imagine, Mike had to hold me back from pulling a few weeds).  I realized that labor is so cheap here that I could have lovely plants and pay someone to pull the weeds for me.  I really like that idea!  We finally got tired of the rain, and headed back to the car. But what a beautiful place!

I think that Mike would have preferred to head back to the room, but I talked him into heading to the Panamonte Inn for a light, late lunch. Yes, as usual, I was hungry again. We went to their casual room/bar, and shared their delicious Club Sandwich (recommended to us by Ellie & Jeff), and had some Chardonnay. We talked about our experiences over the past week, and discussed that researching options and making decisions around retirement has got to be a high-level priority for us over the next months. It is not going to be a simple process or decision.

We headed back to our inn, and Mike spent the remainder of the afternoon resting.  As you can all imagine, I went stir-crazy in a very short period of time. I tried to access the internet, but had only intermittent success. I downloaded photos to my computer, and edited them. I walked outside numerous time to see if the rain had stopped (please, please!) – but, NO! Of course not! I packed all of our bags for our departure tomorrow. I finished off the last half-bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge over the 3 hours or so while I worked on everything I could find to do (Mike was watching THE TV and semi-napping).

Eventually, it got dark, and I finally convinced Mike that I had to go get dinner. It’s not like we could call our favorite Chinese food for delivery (as we usually do on rainy nights!), and I wasn’t heading out alone. J As he usually is, Mike was kind enough to agree to take me to dinner even though he felt lousy. We decided upon an Italian restaurant “up” the hill, and headed out into the rainy night armed with a map and an approximate understanding of the location. We were SO proud when we found it up the very dark mountain road – it was very charming, and sat beside a beautiful stream (actually a raging flow due to the rain). We went inside only to find that we had an hour wait, and there was no bar area – picked the perfectly wrong time to show up at the tiny restaurant. As you can imagine, we bailed and headed into town. Went to the highly recommended pizza place, and had some delicious pasta. Well, I did.  Mike ate about 4 bites, and had a little wine. We then headed back and I put him to bed filled with meds. Tomorrow is our last chance to see this place before we drive out to Panama City.  My fingers are crossed for good weather tomorrow!

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