Panama 2010 – Day 11

Day 11, Tuesday. We had BIG plans for this day. We wanted to see all kinds of real estate options (lots, houses, small acreage tracts), see the local public gardens, perhaps tread a short way into the forests on a trail, and eat, drink, and be merry. So, what was the reality? Two big negatives: we woke up to rain. Yes, more rain (although it was a light rain, with limited wind. Thank goodness!) But still cannot see the views from my wonderful back porch overlooking Volcan Baru and the entire valley. And Mike is now definitely feeling terrible. He caught my cold or whatever, and I miraculously feel absolutely great today! Go figure. So, the day didn’t work out as hoped for.

We grabbed some breakfast here at Villa Marita – we were very lazy as Mike was feeling lousy, and got a late start.  We did some driving up into the higher elevations – actually found ourselves VERY high into the mountains, and not clear on our destination. Technically we weren’t lost, but we didn’t know where the road was going and as we were on a very high ridge overlooking coffee fields with pretty much a cliff on one side of the 1-lane road, we thought we should head back the way we had come from!  Boy, was it absolutely gorgeous up there! We headed back into town, and met with Steve, a real-estate guy.

Steve took us to see some lots, subdivisions, and houses in areas we hadn’t yet seen. We went inside a couple of houses, and were able to get an idea of how a view could be framed in the house. We had a terrific time with him, as he was very open and shared his thoughts on Boquette, and some of his experiences.

Afterwards, we stopped off at a small restaurant on a river (picture from the deck is attached), and shared a sandwich.  Then we headed back (through the rain) to our place so Mike could rest up for the evening, but then Mike pretty much went down for the count. I had hoped that with a nap he would be able to go with me to Ellie and Jeff’s home for dinner, but he developed a fever and simply snuggled down into bed. So, I headed out to their house alone – it is all of 1 block from our inn! The three of us had such an enjoyable dinner – they had made a Butterball turkey, and yummy sides. We had a great visit, and I gained some interesting insights into their lives here (like how Ellie’s book club reading selections have to be planned well in advance – there aren’t 8 copies of each book sitting here in town!) I also got to spend some quality time with Ellie & Jeff’s 3 dogs – they are Shelties, and are all amazing. Got to feed them turkey treats – was definitely trying to bribe them to like me.  Emma is very friendly, and warmed up to us in our first meeting.  Check the photos of these gorgeous “kids”! Ellie & Jeff sent me home with a to-go package for Mike, which he actually managed to eat and thoroughly enjoyed! Another great time spent with the Simons. J

We had so much misty rain everywhere that we weren’t able to get any good additional photos on this day. And we clearly didn’t get to spend the day as we had hoped, even though we had a pretty good day. We have been pretty hampered by rain most of the time we have been here, and Mike’s being sick certainly doesn’t propel him out the door to explore in the rain! Too bad one cannot preorder excellent weather for one’s vacation outings! We are hoping for better weather tomorrow!

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