Panama 2010 – Day 8

Day 8, Saturday. Christmas Day.  There aren’t any places prettier than where we are today for Christmas. Granted, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas due to the beautiful, warm weather. But Avril, our hostess, has the inn decorated with Christmas decorations and of course Christmas carols are playing. I am in heaven with the music, but as usual Mike is okay if he doesn’t have to hear too many carols in a row!  I finally resorted to using my Ipod and headphones, and walked around the property in my own Christmas-carol-world.

We ate another wonderful breakfast, with mouth-watering fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, toast – all overlooking the glassy bay. We spent the day in such a lazy fashion. Called Tamara, Aunt Bebe, Connie, Stan, and the kids (missed Rayna, she was at the movies). Sat by the pool most of the day – WOW, it was nice. Had it to ourselves again. Ate a light lunch with Avril and Derek (our hosts) to save ourselves for our Christmas dinner, planned for about 5.  Midway through the afternoon, Avril comes out to talk to us (out at the pool of course) and wants to discuss our dinner plans. The other guests, a family of 6, apparently endured a travel day from hell, and were running late.  Could we wait?  OF COURSE! We figured it was all about having a group to share our Christmas dinner with.  Of course Avril was highly stressed, and I think that she was able to relax when she found out that we were very flexible.  After all, it’s supposed to be fun! The other guests finally made it in, and headed straight for the bar and rum punch (sound familiar?). We truly had a great meal, met some really nice people, and ended the always-special Christmas day with smiles on our faces.

To all of our family and friends: you were all greatly missed! Even though we had a really nice day, and were fortunate to share it with some terrific peopole, we still missed you all so very much. I hope that you all had a safe and special day. Cannot wait to see you all.  Feliz Navidad!

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