Panama 2010 – Day 7

Day 7, Friday.  Christmas Eve at the Seagull Cove Lodge.  What an incredible view we found out of our window this morning!  Oh, wow! Just check the pictures out. The casitas are scattered up the hillside, and all have beautiful views of the bay, the islands, and the ocean beyond. The bay is full of sailboats, and even one houseboat-in-progress. We had a terrific breakfast – fresh, tasty fruit, an omelete for me, and pancakes for Mike. I must say that we have eaten (too) well on this trip! We spent much of the day out by the pool, and even ate our lunch out there. The pool is tiny and pretty darn cold, but what a great view! We had it all to ourselves.  One thing I noticed this morning is that the sneezing I experienced in the car yesterday seems to be expanding in to a full-fledge sinus infection. We have no antibiotics, so Mike is stuffing me with Day&Night Quil pills, and I’m drinking a bit so I won’t notice the discomfort.  Wheeeeeeee! Have to at least make it until Monday with no doctor – hopefully I can beat this one on my own. 😦

We walked down at least a million zillion steps to the water, and found a very nice deck overlooking the beach, as well as a solid pier with a waterside pavilion partly constructed at the end of the pier. They are building a huge bar in the room, and they will be able to provide light dining (burgers, hotdogs, etc), along with beer and wine. We quickly noticed that they are using large, thick planks of wood, which they have cut out of a huge tree (using chain saws) that beached itself on their beach. The bar will be a knockout when complete. Leading out of the other side of the room, a walkway goes down to the dock, where the resort keeps a boat that was formerly a US Coast Guard ferry-rescue type launch. Our hosts were out at their sailboat, which they keep moored in the bay – they sailed here from the British Virgin Islands and through the Panama Canal a few years ago. We observed them coming back from the boat in their dinghy, and their cat “Scupper” was standing on the front of the dinghy like he was part of the boat! He’s been with them for years, and is equally happy on their sailboat and on land.  One crazy cat! He’s found new friends in us, as we miss Kimba terribly! We also noted that he’s very skilled at getting his “peeps” (owners) to give him a ride up the zillion steps back to the lodge!

Later in the afternoon, our host took us out in the launch to see the bay and some of the islands first hand. That was great, as it looks so different when you are out in the middle of everything. Our host noted that he has heard that there are as many as 200 islands off the coast in this area!  We anchored off the coast of a large island and enjoyed a beer and some great discussions about the area. Headed back after he received a call from our hostess that the evening festivities would be starting soon, and that they had more guests coming in.

We spent the evening with our hosts and some of their friends. We all ate together looking over the bay, and thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas Eve with “new friends”, all expats from other countries including South Africa and the US. Had some interesting discussions around everyone’s experiences, and heard a hair-raising story about one couple buying a piece of land and finding out that the seller didn’t even own it (lawsuits galore). Not something I want to experience! We closed out the day with some quiet time with our hosts and after-dinner drinks. We miss our family and friends, and we plan to get up tomorrow moring and call family with Merry Christmas wishes.  A very different yet enjoyable Christmas Eve!

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